Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Hawaii - Kauai

After picking up our car In Kauai, we headed north, stopping at some waterfalls for hikes along the way.

After finding our condo, we scouted out some beaches and ended up at Anini Beach for a while.

In the morning we tried the beach but the weather was spotty so we went to Hanalei, did some shopping and checked out the area. Its beach had very nice views of  the mountains and waterfalls.
The next morning  we tried out Makena Beach near Hanalei for the morning and Anini Beach in the afternoon.

The following morning  we went to Kilaeua Point and the National Refuge there.

 After that it was again back to Anini Beach where we spent the afternoon.

Another travel day- leaving Princeville (where our condo was) we went to the Na Anai Kea Botanical Gardens for a three hour tour and then made our way to Poipu.

We went to a luau that night.

In the morning we went to Poipu Beach for some snorkeling. We ended up staying there all day. We went to the deli across the street for lunch. We went to the same deli for shaved ice before we left. I had vanilla ice cream with root beer; Teresa had macadamia nut ice cream with coconut, pineapple and mango. We lamented that we had not tried shaved ice earlier as it was very good.

We drove to see the blowholes.

The next morning we decided to drive the Waimea Canyon and Kokee Forest Park. The road tracked the edge of the canyon with plenty of turnoffs for views.

We ate a picninc lunch at the Park.  When we reached the end there was no view as we were clouded in which we understood to be typical.
The next morning we first went to the beach for snorkeling. Back to the room at 12:30 to get ready for the catamarran trip to the Napoli Coast. It was a nice boat trip.

Our flight the next day was at 10:00 p.m.. Teresa saw turtles on her walk.

We drove to Lihue and went to the Kauai Museum which was pretty good though expensive.

We then went to a park by the beach to eat our picnic lunch, after that some shopping, then to see Jurassic World (partly filmed on Kauai) at the movies. We had time to go to a Chinese Barbecue restaurant before heading to the airport.

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