Monday, January 1, 2024

Glacier National Park

We landed in Kalispell, picked up our rental car, a

 Nissan Armada, and then headed to Walmart for


On to our room at Wood’s Lodge. We cleaned up then

 drove into Whitefish. It is a charming town. At 6:30 on

 a Tuesday they still had a Farmer’s Market going on.

We walked around town before eating at the Buffalo

 Cafe. I had a Snow Ghost Burger and Teresa had a

 pulled pork burrito. Both were good. Sweet Peaks Ice

 Cream for dessert.

In the morning we headed out early to make sure we got

 a parking spot for the Trail of Cedars and the Avalanche

 Lake trail hikes.

After the hikes we made some stops on the way back,

 eating our picnic lunch at the first one.

Back to Buffalo cafe for dinner- not as good this time.

In the morning we again couldn’t get the heater in our

 car working.

We went to Logan’s Pass Parking Lot. We arrived about

 7:20 and we might have gotten the last parking space.

We took the Hidden Lake Trail down to Hidden Lake. 

We made some scenic stops on the way back, including Lake McDonald Lodge, built in 1913.

We decided to take the Armada back to the rental car company and picked up a Chevrolet Tahoe.

In the morning we went back to Logan’s Pass Parking

 Lot to take the Highline Trail.

We hiked in for two hours and 40 minutes and out in one

 hour and 50 minutes. We saw three groups of bighorn


After we left the parking lot we found a nice place for

 our picnic lunch, looking up at a glacier.

 Then on to Sun Point for its hike and then then on to

 Barry Falls and Sunrift Gorge.

Alerted by a group looking up a mountain, we stopped at

 one more scenic spot to view a grizzly from a distance.

 We then headed east to our new B and B. We drove to

 East Glacier Park and had a Mexican dinner at

 Serrano’s. On the way back we encountered a stunning


The next day was hiking and waterfall day. First was St.

 Mary’s Falls, the hike to which was extended because

 there were no parking spaces at its trailhead. We drove

 to the Sunrift Gorge parking lot and took the trail from


After St. Mary’s we trekked to the three Virginia Falls.

 You had to go to all three as the best one was the


We drove to the Two Medicines part of the park and

 stopped first at Running Eagle Falls. We ate lunch at the

 trailhead then made our way to the rather unique falls.

In the morning we headed to Many Glaciers. We parked

 in the lot of the Many Glaciers Hotel which was closed

 for the season.

We decided to hike to Lake Grenell but accidentally got

 on the high path that seemingly was for horses. We were

 able to find a path down to the more conventional trail

 which took us to the boat dock. It ended up us getting

 two different vistas on our round trip.

We made it to the lake and its namesake glacier.

That night was another longish drive for dinner. The

 place we planned on was that night closing down for the

 season and had run out of food by the time we got there.

 Luckily, there was a bakery next door that served pizza.

 It was pretty good as was their ice cream.

The next day we again headed to Many Glaciers. When

 Glacier National Park there were well over 100 glaciers

 in it. There are now less than 30 and none of those are

 projected to survive 2030.

The hike that day took us by two lakes before reaching

 Red Rocks Waterfall. On the way we saw a moose. We

 continued to Bullhead Lake and on the way back saw

 another moose.

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