Friday, January 12, 2024

Grand Teton National Park


We left Yellowstone and headed to Grand Teton National Park.

We stopped at Jackson Lake and later checked in to The Jackson Lake Lodge.

The next morning we went to the Elk Ranch Flats Turnout.

We then headed to Mormon Row and the Cunningham Cabin with stops along the way.

We then went to the Lawrence S. Rockefeller Reserve Center where we enjoyed a presentation by a Park Ranger.

Next was Bradley Lake and Taggert Lake Trail.

We ate our picnic lunch below Grand Teton Glacier.

On to Jenny Lake Drive which took us to String Lake.

Our last endeavor was Signal Mountain Road.

The next morning we took some turnouts on the way to Jenny Lake. There we hiked the Jenny Lake Trail around the lake to the trailhead and from there to Hidden Falls and on to Inspiration Point. Past that we continued into into Cascade Canyon where we encountered a grizzly and a moose, each on either side of the trail. Enough people had congregated there to make it safe to turn our backs to the grizzly to see the moose.

We ate our picnic lunch below Grand Teton Glacier.

On to the town of Jackson which turned out to be a fun town. We got out early for dinner to give us a chance to explore the town. We had drinks at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar.

Shane and Janette treated us to a scrumptious meal at Gather.

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